Saune, hammam e novità dal mondo del benessere

Approfondisci la conoscenza di due antichissime tradizioni dedicate al benessere del corpo, dalla Turchia antica agli innevati paesaggi nordeuropei.

Effe’s stand at the 2022 Milan Furniture Fair was an astounding success among companies and individuals – something not to be taken for granted at the moment – and infused great energy for the future. All new entries proved to be popular because of Effe’s focus on energy saving and environmental issues, as well as […]

17 . 06 . 2022

Effe@Salone del Mobile 2022

The sixtieth edition of the Milan Furniture Fair focuses entirely on sustainability, undertaking to promote change through the design culture. Creatives, designers, and businesses are the key players. By working together, they are able to create refined high-quality products that drive change and improve our future. Effe will be at the fair to unveil the […]

3 . 06 . 2022

The benefits of water therapy

Water is welcoming and adapts to any shape. This is the first thing that gives us pleasure when entering a pool. Then there's the temperature. Dermatologists suggest the ideal temperature for water is around 36-37 °C, the same as our body temperature. Any hotter and it could have harmful effects on the circulation, especially if […]

8 . 04 . 2022

2016 Cruise Critic Editors' Picks Awards: presenting the year’s best cruise ships

Cruise ships too can win awards. For nine years Cruise Critic have been running their Editors’ Picks Awards, an annual event rewarding the best cruise ships selected by an international team of experts in that field. Cruise Critic is the major US cruise review website. Launched in 1990 as a travel forum, today it is […]

2 . 11 . 2016


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