Saune, hammam e novità dal mondo del benessere

Approfondisci la conoscenza di due antichissime tradizioni dedicate al benessere del corpo, dalla Turchia antica agli innevati paesaggi nordeuropei.
A made-to-measure sauna

Give free rein to your imagination, think about dedicating a little corner of your home to total relaxation, choose a small unused space or go for a more ample space to dream in a big way. It doesn’t matter if the environment is big or small, whatever the size, opting for a spa means turning […]

29 . 03 . 2018


Tripled in one year. This according to the 2017 EURISPES report is the number of people claiming to be vegan. In 2016 the figure was a little under 1% and it is now 3%. This increase has given rise to special supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies and fashion boutiques aimed at vegans and also specialist hotels, cruises, […]

19 . 09 . 2017


The UN declared 2017 the Year of Sustainable Tourism, an issue that is gaining increasing awareness among Italians. According to the report from the environmental protection organisation Fondazione Univerde, before choosing holiday accommodation, 42% of Italians seek information about its sustainability and 75% use the internet for this research. This awareness had led to an […]

19 . 09 . 2017

The Feng Shui philosophy and the Hammam: the perfect match

Rediscovering harmony and wellbeing within the walls of our own home is now a definite trend. In recent years our home has become a private space in which to find shelter, to relax or to recover that lost sense of wellbeing. While the concept is hardly new, the means of achieving this aim are undoubtedly […]

28 . 09 . 2016


Vuoi essere aggiornato sulle ultime novità sul benessere dal mondo Effe?