Saune, hammam e novità dal mondo del benessere

Approfondisci la conoscenza di due antichissime tradizioni dedicate al benessere del corpo, dalla Turchia antica agli innevati paesaggi nordeuropei.
Finnish sauna: what it is, how it works, its benefits and contraindications

A Finnish sauna is a traditional heat ritual in a wooden cabin. The air inside is kept at a temperature of between 85 and 100 °C and humidity is very low to ensure perspiration evaporates and your skin does not become too hot. Its therapeutic benefits were well-known to the Ancient Greeks, but it was […]

6 . 09 . 2023

Thinking about getting a home sauna? Read our guide

Nowadays installing a sauna in your home couldn’t be easier: all you need is a small space, like a bathroom or a room with all the necessary connections, and you’re good to go. Home saunas are easy to use, cosy and always ready when you want them, an affordable luxury that brings relaxation and health […]

18 . 07 . 2023

Travel wellness cabins

It was 1845 when the American writer Henry Thoreau, aged 28, left his home town and went to live on the shores of Lake Walden in a hut he built himself and remained there for more than two years. Today his book Walden; or, Life in the Woods continues to be an inspiration for those […]

19 . 06 . 2023

The benefits of water therapy

Water is welcoming and adapts to any shape. This is the first thing that gives us pleasure when entering a pool. Then there's the temperature. Dermatologists suggest the ideal temperature for water is around 36-37 °C, the same as our body temperature. Any hotter and it could have harmful effects on the circulation, especially if […]

8 . 04 . 2022


The French philosopher Voltaire got depressed at the first signs of autumn, the writer Wolfgang Goethe was especially sensitive to the wind. Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, talked about the “sirocco syndrome” and taught his medical students to remember the effect the seasons can have on their patients’ complaints. The main symptoms of meteoropathy, […]

8 . 04 . 2022

How and where to install a sauna in your own home

Setting aside a little corner of wellbeing in your own home is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the ease of installation and relatively low cost. A sauna consists of a wooden cabin of variable size depending on the number of seats, with a glass entry and exit door. Inside the sauna there are usually some […]

8 . 04 . 2018


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