Saune, hammam e novità dal mondo del benessere

Approfondisci la conoscenza di due antichissime tradizioni dedicate al benessere del corpo, dalla Turchia antica agli innevati paesaggi nordeuropei.
Finnish sauna: what it is, how it works, its benefits and contraindications

A Finnish sauna is a traditional heat ritual in a wooden cabin. The air inside is kept at a temperature of between 85 and 100 °C and humidity is very low to ensure perspiration evaporates and your skin does not become too hot. Its therapeutic benefits were well-known to the Ancient Greeks, but it was […]

6 . 09 . 2023

Turkish bath (Hammam): what is it, how to take it, benefits and contraindications

The Turkish bath, also known as Hammam, is a traditional ritual dedicated to the care of the body and mind, dating far back to thecultures of Asia Minor and the Middle East. The steam bath remains synonymous with pleasure and regeneration: an experience of salus per aquam which is increasingly sought-after, in accommodation facilities and […]

30 . 08 . 2023

Thinking about getting a home sauna? Read our guide

Nowadays installing a sauna in your home couldn’t be easier: all you need is a small space, like a bathroom or a room with all the necessary connections, and you’re good to go. Home saunas are easy to use, cosy and always ready when you want them, an affordable luxury that brings relaxation and health […]

18 . 07 . 2023

Radisson Collection Hotel

One of Milan’s most iconic buildings, once headquarters of the Touring Club Italiano, was renovated in 2021 to become the prestigious Radisson Collection Hotel. The project, headed by Studio Marco Piva, preserved and celebrated the historical and cultural heritage of the building. Effe was honoured to be chosen to complete the hotel’s spa area. Effe […]

6 . 07 . 2023

Travel wellness cabins

It was 1845 when the American writer Henry Thoreau, aged 28, left his home town and went to live on the shores of Lake Walden in a hut he built himself and remained there for more than two years. Today his book Walden; or, Life in the Woods continues to be an inspiration for those […]

19 . 06 . 2023


Effe’s stand at the 2022 Milan Furniture Fair was an astounding success among companies and individuals – something not to be taken for granted at the moment – and infused great energy for the future. All new entries proved to be popular because of Effe’s focus on energy saving and environmental issues, as well as […]

17 . 06 . 2022


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