Even though the calendar says we are still officially in autumn, the bitter cold and the dull grey skies that accompany us could easily make us think that not only was winter here but that it had never gone away!

We feel tired, sluggish and at times even down in the dumps. Is it possible that the cold, grey winter weather can actually get inside us and condition our psychophysical wellbeing?

It was a well-known fact, even as far back as ancient Egyptian times, that colours and light could affect a person’s condition. Every colour had potential healing properties, people commonly used minerals, stones, crystals and coloured ointments and they would paint the walls of places where people went for treatment, convinced it could actually help their healing process.

What’s the general opinion of colour therapy nowadays?

Although traditional medicine claims colour therapy for healing purposes has no basis in science, it does acknowledge it can have beneficial effects on our psyche.

So colour therapy can be used as an alternative to restore positive balance to our body and soul and improve our state of mind and mood.

Go out on a bright sunny day, wear a coloured sweater or even eat a colourful salad! It really doesn’t take much to benefit from colours!

What about introducing colour therapy into your personal spa?

What could be better than coming back home after a typical winter’s day, your mind and body exhausted, and being enveloped in lovely heat, pampered by colours that evoke happiness?

Effe, brand leader of saunas and Turkish baths for the home, gives you the chance to enhance its saunas and Turkish baths with the benefits of colour therapy.

Effegibi offers a wide range of products for colour lovers – colour therapy ceiling light fittings with fixed and dynamic cycles, systems built into steam generators, sensory showers like FeelGood and sensory tunnels with one or multiple shower heads!

With just one simple action, not only can you enjoy the benefits of a traditional Finnish sauna or a hammam, but you can also choose different colour sequences to match your mood or preferences:

RED: will put you in a good mood and stimulate you, thanks to its ability to excite.

YELLOW: will stimulate your mind and give you a feeling of wellbeing, as well as increasing your concentration.

ORANGE: will make you feel calm, cheerful and optimistic.

GREEN: for a calming, stimulating effect on your tenacity and perseverance.

BLUE: its calming influence will help you relax and increase your concentration.

PURPLE: this is the colour of spirituality and the imagination

And, if you want to, you can combine colour therapy with aromatherapy and music therapy for maximum wellbeing therapy!


Effe: make this winter a colourful, wellbeing winter!