by Luisa Taliento


From early in the morning to late at night. We are constantly on the go, with the days flying past faster than we realise. Maintaining this frantic pace for any amount of time can lead to stress, tiredness, a feeling of unease and insomnia. But we can slow things down by following a couple of simple steps, treating ourselves to what the specialists call a bit of ‘me time’. For a start, you can pamper your body: why not shed your work clothes, turn off all your technology and treat yourself to a lovely sauna or Turkish bath? With their dry and humid heat respectively, you can flush out toxins and relax your muscles through perspiration.


This effect can be heightened by using natural organic fragrances like mint, bay and eucalyptus which clear the airways and naturally lift your spirits. Next on the agenda of your pampering session is a hot herbal tea to replace lost liquids and some meditation. Everyone can meditate: all you have to do is take slow, deep breaths and listen to the air as it enters your body and is then exhaled through your nose, like waves lapping inexorably on the shore. This breathing exercise can be combined with visualising, imagining one colour when you breathe in and fill your body with renewed energy, and another one when you exhale, getting rid of toxins and negativity.


You can also listen to music at 432 Hz as you are meditating. Today, most of the music we listen to is tuned to the note “A” at a frequency of 440 Hz, but if we adjust that to 432 Hz, chords and melodies become more harmonious, soothing and clearer on the ear. Studies into vibrations and their effects have shown that music tuned to this frequency gradually helps dispel irritability, anxiety, distress and psychosomatic disorders like headaches and tired muscles. It is also a great anti-stress and can help you get through difficult moments in your life, like when you’re under the weather or don’t feel in tiptop condition. Or maybe you just want some music to help restore positive energy to yourself and your home.