A sauna consists of a wooden cabin of variable size depending on the number of seats, with a glass entry and exit door. Inside the sauna there are usually some benches on which to sit or on which to stretch out during the session and then of course there is the electric heater to warm up the cabin.

If you are thinking about installing a Finnish sauna in your home, you should know that any room can be suitable for that purpose, whether it is long and narrow, big or small and in the basement or loft. This is because we have a vast range of different models and options for a made-to-measure sauna and we will adapt your sauna to fit the available space.

As for the onsite facilities, all is needed is a normal electric socket. It is however, necessary to check that enough kilowatts are available for the electrical connection to generate the energy needed to power the electric heater, the power of which depends on the size of the sauna.

It is preferable, but not essential, for the room to have a window or a skylight so that the room can be aired after the sauna session.

A sauna session consists of a number of stages and at the end of each session it is advisable to lie down on a lounger or rest in an easy chair for about ten minutes, to relax completely and to let your blood pressure return to normal and taking a cold shower during the cooling down stage is also recommended. In order to do these things it is convenient to have a shower near to the sauna as well as a little space in which to relax after your session.

Installing the sauna is both simple and fast but it must be done by specialist installers who will run an initial test on the sauna before you start enjoying its benefits.

Set aside a little corner of wellbeing in your own home with an Effegibi sauna complete with colour and music therapies!