The arrival of the cold winter months signals the loss of the positive effects of the summer weather which gives us a much sexier, well-toned, golden skin.

At this time of year our skin is definitely not at its best. As well as returning to its pallid winter colour, our skin often looks lifeless, chapped, lacking tone and possibly uneven in colour due to the use of fake tan and other unsuitable cosmetics.

Why does our skin look so lifeless or chapped?

This is often caused by the build-up of dead cells that give the epidermis an opaque look.

Why not consider taking a sauna or Turkish bath? How can a sauna or Hammam help our skin?

Both the sauna and Turkish bath can be extremely helpful in improving the look of our skin. To get rid of chapped skin and dark patches, the key word is exfoliation, meaning eliminating that layer of dead cells that forms on our skin and gives rise to dark patches, a wrinkly look and a lifeless complexion.

What are the best cosmetics for improving this situation? How can a sauna and a Hammam be of use?

The classic scrubs are very useful for exfoliating the skin, as is of course the horsehair glove, both to be used in the shower, concentrating on the critical areas such as the elbows and knees.

However, in all cases, the best way of freeing up the pores and restoring the lost glow to the skin is to soften it by using water and heat, thus enabling the other treatments to penetrate more deeply. What’s more, using a scrub on skin that is not ready for this can lead to over-vigorous action that risks damaging the skin.

The warmth produced by a sauna or Turkish bath, on the other hand, makes the pores open naturally and the now relaxed, water-saturated skin becomes softer so that the layer of dead cells detaches more naturally.

What is the best thing to do after a sauna or Turkish bath to improve the look of the skin?

After a normal session in a sauna or Turkish bath it is advisable to rub the skin with a towel or massage it gently with a horsehair glove to gain an immediate benefit. The cool shower you take afterwards helps to further tone the skin, cleansing it deep-down and preparing it for moisturisers and other beauty treatments that are able to penetrate more deeply.

Obviously it is advisable to repeat the treatment at least a couple of times a week, or at least until the desired result has been achieved. Having said that, once you have discovered the benefits of a sauna and the properties of bathing in warmth, which are not limited to aesthetics alone, you will find it very hard to kick the habit.

Effe: let the sauna and Hammam restore your skin to perfection!