The benefits of steam are combined with the powers of aromachology, the science that studies how fragrances, and in particular essential oils, can instil a feeling of wellbeing in us. A Hammam is the ideal place for these natural, organic, active molecules to release their properties as, enveloped in a light mist, you inhale warm steam that helps clear your lungs and free your mind and body.  We choose fragrances based on our feelings.


If you want to get rid of stress and tension and lift your mood, try litsea, a plant called ‘may chang’ in the East, which means “angel caller”, because it is thought its scent can form a bond with the angels. When it is combined with bay laurel and mint, it calms the mind and aids breathing.  The citrus notes of cardamom, juniper and cinnamon, on the other hand, will take you on an exotic journey: they will give your body an energy boost, have a beneficial effect on the immune system and restore strength. Notes of vetiver, citron and patchouli, attenuated by coriander and benzoin, a resin which is extracted from the trunks of styrax benzoin trees, restore self-confidence and help you reconnect with your body and its energy.


The tradition of using these fragrances is lost in the mists of time.  They were mentioned in Roman times by Pliny and then up to the ‘Notandissimi secreti de l’arte profumatoria’, the most famous book on perfumes and cosmetics which was published in 1555 in Venice. The relationship between fragrances and mental and physical wellbeing is the subject of university research, which has shown that smells can induce relaxation, joy, happiness and self-confidence by stimulating the olfactory pathways until they reach the “pleasure centre”, otherwise known as the brain’s limbic system. Diffuse a couple of drops in a Hammam to reset your biological rhythms and reawaken mind and body.