Our feet are full of nerve receptors some of which, according to plantar reflexology, correspond to specific parts of the body.

For example, the base of the big toe is linked to the neck, the head to the second toe and the third toe is linked to the eye and to some teeth, while the sole
of the foot is connected, point by point, to all the internal organs.

Reflexologists examine and manipulate the foot, enabling them to locate the points generating the pain, and after energetic action on the various organs, their function is improved and bodily balance restored. This age-old technique has been found to be effective against muscular contraction due to tension or incorrect posture, in treating cervical, dorsal and lumbar pain and headaches.

The treatments are usually twice weekly with a minimum of seven sessions and a maximum of fourteen, each one lasting 30-40 minutes and right after the first ones, the beneficial effects of deep relaxation can be felt, along with a lack of muscle tension, creating a general sensation of improved physical and mental balance.