by Luisa Taliento


Sicily is his favourite holiday destination, he loves the atmosphere in Paris, and his skills when it comes to design and architecture have earned him the position of Artistic Director in some of Italy’s finest companies. Rodolfo Dordoni is an ambassador of all things made in Italy, a professional who, over the course of his career, has tackled a variety of projects, from industrial design to concept design for shipyards, from designing luxury hotels to contemporary restaurants to the construction of private villas and residences worldwide. He has always taken these projects on with the very rational kind of approach imposed both by his profession and his character.


But then a new challenge came along. This time it was different. Warm, enveloping and sensual, the kind of challenge he might not have considered taking on before: designing a system to bring together the sauna, Turkish bath and shower, namely the very essence of the wellbeing concept. A holistic place where the body casts its physical dimension aside and the mind is spirited away by the sensual nature of steam, heat and water jets.


The result is BodyLove, and the name itself conjures up pleasure. “It wasn’t just about designing an object,” the Milan-based architect explains. “It was also about expressing a point of arrival, a place where we can give ourselves the gift of time and forget about everything else.


This is why I decided to see this project from a new angle, not a technical, rational, three-dimensional approach, but a more emotional one; an intimate, private place for relaxing rituals using water, steam and aromas whose reassuring embrace envelops the whole body from head to foot.”
In other words: BodyLove, where loving oneself has never been easier.