The Finns call it ‘kalsarikännit’, the Americans ‘nesting’. It’s the lovely feeling of hunkering down in the comfort of your own home as if it were a nest. It’s a great way of rediscovering the joys of being at home. You just close the door and leave all the worries, daily grind and problems of the outside world behind you, revelling in special, precious pleasures.



Our home is a place where there are no rules because it’s our sanctuary, a place that welcomes and embraces us, giving us the space to relax, do whatever we want, cook, sort out photographs, music, books, potter around the garden or lounge about in comfy clothes as we watch a film on the sofa with a drink, as if time has no meaning. It’s the place where we can seek out even more privacy, enjoying the benefits of a sauna or Turkish bath, the ultimate in relaxation and warmth, sensations every cosy home should instil in us.


In these personal spas the heat warms our whole body, relaxes our muscles, purifies our organism and flushes out toxins. It pampers us, offering pure indulgence for both mind and body. The sweet smell of the sauna wood makes you feel totally immersed in nature: just close your eyes and you can imagine you are standing in a silent forest of evergreens or sitting beside a crackling fire at home that restores and revives your energy while outside the world is shrouded in cold and snow. Lose yourself in the light cloud of steam that fills the Turkish bath as it caresses your skin, indulge in the feeling of being out of time and space, of finally being able to rest your eyes and meditate, listening only to your breathing and every part of your body as it is stimulated by the health-giving heat.


If our home is our sanctuary, a sauna or Turkish bath with its eco-friendly, top-quality materials, wood and state-of-the-art technologies that make its spaces healthy, is our innermost retreat where we feel cocooned, safe from worries, at peace with ourselves. This is the beating heart of our private world where a warm lifeblood runs through our body and soul day after day.