Fast healing spaces are one of the latest trends identified by Future 100:2020, the global report that forecasts emerging fashions. They are spaces where customers can achieve harmony and wellbeing, including latest-generation saunas and Hammams. Installed in the privacy of our homes, not only do these authentic mini spas offer enjoyable, relaxing experiences, they also help keep us healthy, starting with our breathing.


As we enter a Turkish bath, letting ourselves be enveloped by hot steam, the high humidity has a decongestant and soothing effect on our airways, especially if the purity of the steam is guaranteed by cutting-edge technologies which block potentially harmful agents. It is the ideal environment to clear blocked noses, treat colds, rhinitis and sinusitis or calm coughs.


Similarly, in saunas which are made of natural, untreated wood that is free of toxins, the heat improves our breathing and, because regular saunas can also boost your immune system, they can also prevent infections and flu. Increased blood circulation in the respiratory tracts caused by the warm air also helps fight chronic bronchitis. Then there is the relaxation factor because the warm temperature of a sauna or Turkish bath relaxes all our muscles, helps relieve tension and stress and restores full lung capacity. Speaking of which, many scientific studies have shown how important it is to breathe properly to promote vitality, inner peace and greater concentration, releasing new resources for a person’s total wellbeing.  And there is no better way to do this than with aromatherapy, using an essential oil which mixes with the steam in the Hammam or enjoying the intense scent of the warm wood of the sauna.


The beneficial effects of saunas and Turkish baths on our health have been common knowledge for a long time now and today have been scientifically proven. This is why more and more spa doctors and naturopaths are advocating regular use of hot “baths”, recommending either the humid atmosphere of a Turkish bath or the drier one of the sauna. Heavy perspiration is also a great way of detoxing because it flushes out toxins, decongesting the liver. Heat is ideal for anyone suffering from peripheral microcirculation problems because blood is pumped more vigorously from the lower extremes towards the heart, reducing swelling and the feeling of heavy legs. It also has a beneficial effect on our joints and aids recovery after sport by carrying oxygen to the muscles and helping get rid of the nitrogen, lactic acid and ammonia produced during physical exercise.


Wellbeing and health are two very enjoyable sensations and the very essence of modern saunas and Hammams, especially when we can enjoy them whenever we want in the comfort of our own homes. Abandoning ourselves to the regenerating embrace of heat and being at one with ourselves are moments of pure indulgence.