Give free rein to your imagination, think about dedicating a little corner of your home to total relaxation, choose a small unused space or go for a more ample space to dream in a big way.

It doesn’t matter if the environment is big or small, whatever the size, opting for a spa means turning that space into the space of your dreams. At Effe we place no limits on your imagination, always offering our customers the support of our well-trained staff who will listen to all their needs. Our team can give you what you really want without relegating your dreams to mere standard solutions.

There are just a few minimum requirements for installing a made-to-measure Finnish sauna and there are no rigid rules about the features of the room that will house it. The main thing is that the space must be at least 2.2 metres in height and while the presence of windows or a skylight is desirable, it is not essential. A sloping roof or irregularities in the walls are no problem. To obtain an estimate it is usually only necessary to present a little plan with the exact measurements of the room. However, a member of the Effe team can survey the place to assess its limitations and potential if the customer prefers this so as to be absolutely sure or if the situation is more complicated.

Depending on the size of the sauna and the number of users, the Effe design team will use their experience and professional expertise to suggest a range of options for the interior fittings. It goes without saying that careful attention will be paid to your requests to ensure that you don’t just have a sauna to enjoy, but it will be YOUR very own personal Finnish sauna. There are also a range of solutions for the outside of the sauna, from various finishes, different door handles and the design of the glass panelling. Every Effe sauna is designed to fit perfectly into any environment enhancing that location with its understated, stylish Talocci design.

The process of installing a sauna is fast and trouble free thanks to our specialist installers and prefabricated components. Indeed, each part of the sauna will be delivered to the installation site prepared for assembly, saving a great deal of time and expense.


Effe, our skills for YOUR made-to-measure sauna.