Rodolfo Dordoni welcomes us in his studio offices to tell us about his experience and feelings, team work and efforts that brought to Bodylove conception. And in a very unconventional way!

BodyLove is neither a project, nor an object. BodyLove is a concept, a feeling, it is rather an arrival point, but at same time, what generated the project itself”

BodyLove is “a question of feeling towards ourselves, your own body confidence, insecurity caused by the body itself and, ultimately, the love towards your own body”. This feeling mix has been the basis to create something “visibly unique”.

Effegibi has started the collaboration with the designer after many years of consistent work and product development with the designer Giovanna Talocci in order to obtain a different point of view and achieve a different style as well.

Dordoni’s challenge was to look for a new material, without overlapping, duplicating or contradicting with what had been developed and achieved by Effe until now.

The Architect thinks therefore not simply to a product, but, wants to develop a feeling, “the sensation of a wellbeing which the skin and, as a result, the body can achieve through it”. “We really wanted to arouse the emotional aspect, and the sensual aspect too.”

The challenge has been overcome therefore through different factors: besides the aesthetic aspect, which is in line with current contemporary standards, to achieve the right “mood” was mostly important.

A pure and single mood driven by the selection of “details marking up a difference”, as explained by Effe CEO, Marco Borghetti.

BodyLove materials are extremely luxurious and innovative but at the same time tied to sauna and Hammam tradition and stimulate perception of the spa space as an environment that blends perfectly with its surroundings.

The walls of the sauna can be supplied with heat-treated solid wood, almost with a “smoked” flavor, with an unusual and contemporary texture. Hammam materials such as ceramics and grès porcelain are also very pleasant and comfortable for our skin when enjoying the unique steam experience. Finally, the layout study, “the work on the room”, as stated by the Designer Michele Angelin, main designer of Dordoni Studio.


How was it to carry out such a research and development work?

Thanks and through an important team-work between designers and the company. “There has been a pure and active collaboration from both sides, anything that could be difficult turned out into a very simple and pleasant result”.


“we sort of followed a kind of poem, one we all agreed on; this was the result! This was the starting point, the whole process and in the end, even in the name, the result!”  Rodolfo Dordoni