Rediscovering harmony and wellbeing within the walls of our own home is now a definite trend.

In recent years our home has become a private space in which to find shelter, to relax  or to recover that lost sense of wellbeing. While the concept is hardly new, the means of achieving this aim are undoubtedly innovative.

For some years now, one very special contribution to this has been made by the growing trend for the Feng Shui philosophy which demands a life lived in harmony to restore that wellbeing not only in our own home, but in all the places we inhabit.

The guiding principle of Feng Shui is encompassed by the word qi, meaning vital energy. If this energy is unable to flow as a result, for example, of an unhealthy environment, it will stagnate creating disturbances of a physical, emotional and spiritual nature.

Feng-shui makes it possible to live in harmony and balance. When designing our living space, we must therefore ensure that every function and item of furnishing reflects this philosophy, but the question now arises: how to reconcile this with modern needs?

These days, for example, it is quite usual to devote considerable space to the bathroom environment, turning it into a home spa, preferably equipped with a Hammam as a place of regeneration and meditation, much more than a mere cubicle in which to take a quick shower and answer the call of nature, in what is no longer an almost unmentionable part of the home.

It is clear to see how the modern concept of a Turkish bath marries perfectly with Feng Shui tradition, dating back thousands of years.

It is now quite simple and inexpensive to install a Hammam in a bathroom, not least thanks to the flexibility provided by modern technology. So now we have the perfect excuse for creating a haven of relaxation. Now let’s turn to the Feng Shui essentials for turning our bathroom into that harmonious space. It is quite possible to put a Turkish bath in our bathroom without disrupting the natural energy of the home. Just a few simple arrangements are needed to transform our home spa into an Effegibi Feng Shui spa.

According to the art of Feng Shui, the bathroom is the place in which we take care of our body, purifying it with water, a vital element, endowing it with the energy needed to face up to the challenges of the day or relax after a period of intense activity. This means that the bathroom must be a well-ventilated, light-filled environment that is easy to clean and furnished in a harmonious style to guarantee our health and wellbeing.

Ideally the bathroom should be north-orientated but it must not be located next to the kitchen or the main entrance, or be adjacent to the bedroom.

It is also essential to separate the different bathroom functions, on the one hand body cleansing and care, on the other, meeting its basic physiological needs. Water is the vital element, charged with positive energy, that must also be echoed in the bathroom furnishings and fittings, through the use of tiles, preferably blue in colour, or another shade reminiscent of water.

Installing a Turkish bath in our bathroom chimes perfectly with this philosophy, as it will create the perfect relaxation space. This part of our home will no longer be merely a functional space, but a genuine health spa in which to meditate and recover our true selves.

Effegibi state-of-the-art solutions render all bathroom environments supremely adaptable, from the most compact space to a professional-scale health and wellbeing spa. In no time your shower can become a shower complete with a Turkish bath, all totally personalised, from design through to finish.

Effegibi can help you recover age-old principles.