Just 50 minutes by car from the centre of Milan, on a hill in the heart of the Monferrato valley, the land of truffles and fine wines with a long history of haute cuisine, designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, there once stood an all-glass orangery in which lemons were grown.

This enchanting place, in which the interior is only separated from the world outside by a thin transparent line, lives in a direct relationship with the rhythms of nature.


Today this building in its dream-like location has been transformed into the Dream&Charme Crystal Suite, an exclusive, innovative holiday home designed for the most demanding guests in search of  absolute style and total privacy.


Dream&Charme is the Italian leader in luxury private holiday accommodation, its 500 locations playing host to over 50,000 guests a year.

This fascinating creation, a brilliant mix of nature, sustainability, technology and design, is the work of a famous Milanese architect who conceived it on the harmonious principle of the golden ratio, known in artistic circles as the proportion of beauty and perfection. Sustainability is the hallmark of a design with minimal impact on the landscape with a far-sighted approach balancing longevity with economic, social and environmental concerns.


But that’s not all! Being designed for very special guests, the Crystal Suite with its 70m2 of surfaces, is a harmonious marriage of high-tech and style. The lighting system designed by Nemo, the furnishings by Cassina, the bathroom fittings by Gessi, gorgeous Salvatori marble and a Boffi kitchen are just some of the famous names behind the fixtures and fittings in this little palace.


Effegibi has been chosen to take care of the spa area in the villa.


Sky has been selected for the sauna, fitted with under-bench lighting, ECC and ESS systems and featuring ample glass surfaces enabling guests to enjoy the lovely natural surroundings as they relax in the warmth of the sauna.


For the custom-made Hammam, fitted with colour and aroma-therapy, remotely controlled by a state-of-the-art Simontech home-automation system, controlling every feature of the Crystal Suite,  Effegibi has opted for Touch&Steam, the stylish, compact steam generator consisting of a thin panel of silk-screen-printed toughened glass.


Effegibi has selected Tuttovetro contour for the glass doors to the Turkish bath, custom-made to the last millimetre in crystal and aluminium, for amazing aesthetics and durability.


“Dream&Charme Crystal Suite”:

“Beauty will save the world”  (Fyodor Dostoevsky)