Marble has always been highly prized for its longevity, resistance to wear and tear and the amazing aesthetics of its smooth sheen once polished.

This is what marble is all about, hard, versatile stone that many architects believe never goes out of fashion.

The latest trends extend its use in the domestic environment, once again putting it to the test, taking it to extremes. Interior designers are coming up with original ideas for its use, exploiting to the full the decorative possibilities offered by its amazing natural veining, its constantly changing nuances of colour and its sheer versatility.

While up to a few years ago, synthetic stone was preferred for certain uses, today’s rediscovered taste for elegant décor has brought this extraordinary marble right back into fashion, not only for its age-old appeal but also for its potential for innovation. The watchword for today’s young designers working with marble is creativity, meaning innovative, non-conformist reinterpretation of one of the most classic materials in existence.

How can this be? Because marble has its own unique fascination, timeless elegance still capable of stirring our emotions, enabling us to delve into the most ancient of traditions while remaining thoroughly up-to-the-minute.

In the Topkapi range of Hammams from Effe, designed by architect and designer Rodolfo Dordoni in partnership with Michele Angelini, marble becomes the star of the show leading the way in the today’s latest trends.

The column containing the steam generator is entirely clad in marble with 4 options to choose from, setting the scene for a unique experience.

CARRARA marble, extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps in the Carrara area of Tuscany, one of the most universally prized types of marble for its stunning whiteness, exalts to perfection the ultra-modern lines of Topkapi.

BOTTICINO marble, extracted from the limestone deposits to the east of Brescia, is highly valued for its extremely compact consistency. Its aesthetics feature an even background colour varying from deep beige to golden with fine, mainly dark brown veining whose concentration and pattern give rise to a vast range of different effects. This stylish material has a natural warmth that appeals to those looking for such warmth in a modern ambience.

MARQUINA marble, originating predominantly from Spain, is a material with global appeal. The background colour is solid black, traversed by predominantly white veining and speckling of variable intensity, and it lends itself perfectly to polishing. Ideal for light-filled spaces, it is much loved by architects and designers who favour the total-black look, or, when teamed with CARRARA marble, the black and white effect.

BARDIGLIO marble, extracted mainly from the Apuan Alps, is of average hardness and thus easy to work. It offers a wide range of colour variations, most with a grey background with dark or sky blue  variants and veining in shades from white to dark grey. Ideal for polishing, it creates a supremely opulent, classy look. Perfect for lovers of timeless design.

Effegibi Topkapi: four style options for a unique sensation.