The suspended benches create a lightweight design enabling the sauna to be installed on existing flooring. The centrally placed heater makes Air the ideal meeting place to relax in company and the bench seats project outside, creating a handy towel holder and shelf. The interiors are made of luxurious aspen wood, either natural or heat-treated, which is very long-lasting. The full-height glass walls in toughened glass and the LED lighting underneath the benches enhance the light and airy atmosphere.

The sauna is made of superior wood and 8 mm low-emission toughened glass panels. The interiors are particularly welcoming with their different sized wooden slats. Auki can easily be adapted to fit the available space and is suitable for custom solutions. All Auki saunas have a stylish edge-mounted door handle that does not interrupt the glass panels, preserving the clean lines.

This sauna, with its unique design, makes a bold, elegant statement in any room. The BodyLove sauna heater is covered in glazed ceramic in unique colour combinations, a luxury material that enhances the soft beauty of the wood. The source of heat, the element of prime importance in the Finnish sauna tradition, has made a comeback with a new aesthetic that once again casts it in a starring role. The walls can be supplied in two different types of wood: natural hemlock and heat-treated solid wood, with mirror-finish surfaces on request. BodyLove includes exterior panelling highlighting the home dimension of the system, designed to be part of the furniture. Just like all Effe products, BodyLove offers countless personalisation options as regards the materials chosen and their combinations, to create a truly made-to-measure spa area.

The external structure is in painted aluminium while the walls on view are in laminated grès porcelain. The platform is in laminated grès porcelain and toughened glass to ensure maximum resistance to fluctuations in temperature. It is available in three standard finishes or with a personalised colour scheme. Extremely versatile, it is ideal for a spa, gym or a private home. It also comes in the Filo model (without the platform), allowing it to fit seamlessly into its surroundings.

Sky is made of superior Canadian hemlock wood or heat-treated aspen and 10 mm toughened glass. The glass front wall, door and ceiling give Sky an extremely light, airy look.

Sky Corner is made of superior Canadian hemlock wood or heat-treated aspen; the interior can be fitted with colour therapy and LED lighting under the bench. The large glass surfaces give Sky Corner a light and airy feel. 10 mm low-emission toughened glass covers the front wall, door, ceiling and side wall.