Effe has come together with Remedia, which uses natural organic products that are grown and processed according to ancient traditions of alchemical herbalism.
Remedia has created an exclusive range of sauna and Hammam fragrances for Effe which heighten the benefits of these ancient rituals thanks to their olfactory and almost dreamlike effect.


Roots, Physical body, Centring, Presence.

Earth accompanies us as we explore the sacred nature of the body and enhances the ritual of the sauna or Turkish bath when we have forgotten our physical presence. It helps reconnect us with the needs of our body and its true messages.


Thought, Spaciousness, Breath, Lightness.

Air purifies our troubled mind, frees it, unburdens it. It lightens the weight of our thoughts and supports our breath. The ritual regenerates us and opens our mind to new horizons.


Fluidity, Balance, Harmony.


Water pampers us, it takes care of us, it puts us in touch with magical feelings, it brings out the child in us. It helps us find peace and harmony. The ritual becomes a moment of profound peace.


Passion, Life force, Immune system.

Fire is energy, pure life celebrated with passion and strength. The whole body is realigned and energised. The ritual gives us renewed energy and stimulates our life force, with benefits for the immune system.