Finnish sauna

Effegibi has been producing Finnish saunas for over 30 years, constantly striving to improve the design of its products, the top quality materials it uses and its technology.

The know-how it has built up over the years means it can deliver custom projects that make any space unique.


Effegibi was the very first company to call on the creative vision of a designer for a Finnish sauna.  While remaining true to the traditional Scandinavian roots of the sauna, Effe pioneered the different forms and the use of glass that have transformed it into an item of elegant furniture as well as a functional sanctuary of wellbeing.

This revolutionary approach changed the thinking of all makers of saunas, in which aesthetics are now an essential part of the whole concept on which customers base their choice.

This attention to detail is the hallmark of every Effe sauna, along with top quality materials and a product that stands the test of time. All the quality and aesthetic features are preserved intact and even enhanced in our made-to-measure models that are fully personalized to blend in harmoniously with any environment in which the sauna is installed.


All Effe saunas are designed to rigorous standards of design and reliability.

Various different types of wood are used, combining respect for tradition with optimum performance and resistance over the years to the thermal stress any sauna has to undergo. You can choose from a vast range of aesthetic solutions.

Over 10 types of top grade wood, all carefully selected and subjected to rigorous quality control, from Canadian hemlock to the more traditional Swedish pine, are used to build Effe saunas.

The certified electrical components are pre-installed in the walls of every sauna, connecting to the stainless steel heater and exclusive Effe control panel for a long-lasting quality guarantee.


All Effe products are certified by IMQ, Italy’s principal certification body, a European leader in compliance-testing in the electrical and electronics sectors. Customers therefore have complete peace of mind, safety being a vital feature of all Effe saunas.

From the safety thermostat built into the heater, to the electronics in the smart controls that manage the three heating elements for optimized power consumption, all Effe technology research is directed at ensuring maximum quality and reliability.

The control panel instantly operates the on/off function, regulates the temperature set by the user, switches on the warm lighting and runs the colour-therapy sequences fitted as standard to every Effe sauna.

Every sauna is fully tested for operating efficiency and safety before being delivered to the customer.

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Effegibi Saunas and Hammams
are designed by
internationally renowned designers

Effegibi performs high quality checks
for aesthetics and functionality
to each item

Every Effe products
can be tailored and designed
to create your
perfect wellness space