Certified quality

For over twenty-five years, Effe has been designing and manufacturing saunas and Turkish baths with state-of-the-art technology.

Effegibi is central to a story that starts with tradition and stretches right into the most innovative future. This is a story of wellbeing, of the ancient traditions of the sauna and the Turkish bath that today’s advanced technology and design excellence have clothed in a new guise. This evolution has been made possible by our company that, since 1987, has focused entirely on this sector and we are proud to offer saunas and Turkish baths that are 100% Italian, from design to manufacture. This philosophy has enabled Effe to become the well-deserved leader in our field, winning the trust of our customers the world over. One of our strong points is the excellence of our high-tech solutions, always in the vanguard of progress with long-lasting, energy-saving products of certified quality, requiring very little maintenance.

The brand new Nuvola Smart Power bears witness to this, our latest steam generator that is both highly sophisticated and user-friendly, designed to deliver the perfect Hammam experience. In addition to our constant quest for high performance and practicality, we at Effe are fully aware that feeling good equates to looking good and so we take just as much care over aesthetics. Our saunas and Turkish baths feature clean lines traced by such famous designers as Rodolfo Dordoni and Giovanna Talocci, often with generous expanses of glass that transform them into stylish items of furniture. We use only eco-friendly materials, with no plastic and the wood is always top quality from reliable sources that do not cause deforestation or endanger rare trees under threat. Effe’s extraordinary know-how translates into precise made-to-measure solutions. This all-Italian company is the first choice for a great many of the world’s most prestigious spas and hotels.




Effegibi for certified quality

Every Effe article undergoes quality inspections to guarantee its aesthetic and functional characteristics.

To assure their safety, our products are tested with equipment calibrated to preset thermal and electrical values, in conformity to the strictest standards.

Use of environmentally friendly materials

In order to safeguard the environment, EFFEGIBI states that the timber used in the production of Finnish saunas is compliant with the standards PEFC ITA 1002 REV. 4, FSC-STD-40-0003 V1-0 and FSC-STD-40-004 V2-0.

EFFEGIBI products do not contain any timber resulting from deforestation or wood from trees at risk of extinction.

Optimised management of energy consumption

Each Effe steam generator has an Energy Saver function. The maximum power of the generator is used to bring the water to boiling point and reach the set temperature. While it is functioning the energy input is reduced to a half or a third, depending on the model, while keeping the steam flow constant.


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