The benefits of a sauna

Saunas can bring relief for migraines, which are often due to a lack of regulation in the pressure of blood vessels.

Saunas detoxify the body by getting rid of toxins, and heavy metals through sweating, giving a helping hand to our kidneys; the heat produced in the sauna dilates the pores and sweat eliminates toxins and dead skin cells for more elastic and youthful-looking skin.

Detox your body and get rid
of toxins and heavy metals

Taking a sauna can help lose weight, not so much due to sweating, because the liquids you lose are replenished within a short space of time, but thanks to your increased heart rate.

The most obvious and immediate benefit of a sauna is the feeling of relaxation which is due to endorphins which are released by the brain, conveying a feeling of wellbeing, reducing insomnia and restlessness and heightening our reflexes and concentration.

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