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Who can use a sauna?

A sauna is suitable for people of all ages and there are no general contraindications for its use.
Anyone suffering from a specific medical condition can ask their own doctor for advice but, in general, anyone able to engage in normal physical activity is capable of enjoying all the benefits a sauna can provide. Each one of us can find the time and the best conditions for taking care of our body.

What do I need to install it?

Effegibi offers a vast range of saunas in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
All you need is an electrical connection and it can be installed on any floor surface except carpet.

What safety systems do Effe saunas have?

Before it leaves the factory, the electrical system of every sauna is fully tested using state-of-the-art test equipment.
Each model is equipped with two temperature probes.
The first, or “operating” probe shows the temperature set by the person about to use the sauna and this then switches off the heat generator when the right temperature has been reached. A second, or “safety” probe monitors the functioning of the sauna and if any problems occur, it cuts off the heat at 120° C, the maximum temperature permitted by current regulations.
All Effe saunas are built in compliance with EC safety regulations.

How is the sauna despatched?

After being fully tested for function and safety, each sauna is packaged in a single box holding the walls.

Is it easy to install a sauna?

All the research done by Effe into sauna assembly and installation plus the handy instruction manual we provide make the job simplicity itself.
What’s more we have an extensive network of approved help centres ready to lend all possible assistance and test the unit’s functions.

Where does the steam generator go? What does it need?

The steam generator is fitted outside the cubicle and it needs a connection to the water supply and drains and to the electricity supply.
The walls have to have a PVC sheath so that the temperature probe or interior control panel can be fitted inside the cubicle, both positioned at about 160/170cm from the floor.

Which is better, a sauna or a steam bath?

There’s no right answer to this one.  Both come from a long tradition that values therapeutic effects of heat, and the benefits of both are quite similar.

A sauna encourages sweating using a bath of dry air at temperatures from 50° to 80/90° in a wooden environment inside which the humidity is very low.

A steam bath operates at much lower temperatures (40°-45°) with very high humidity inside the cubicle to encourage sweating and fluid exchange in what is essentially a bath of damp air. Users of these natural body-care systems are free to decide which of the two experiences they find the more convenient and enjoyable

What about lighting in my Turkish bath?

Your Turkish bath will usually have fittings for one or more lights, depending on their size. The lights must be watertight (IP 55) and low voltage 12/24V.

What will the walls of my Turkish bath be like?

To avoid heat loss, we recommend insulating the walls and ceiling of the unit with panels of insulating material (e.g. expanded polyurethane that can be tiled) which can then be finished off with a covering of your choice.

The ceiling is either domed or sloping, so as to eliminate the “raining” effect as the steam condenses.

Where does the condensed steam end up?

The floor of the Turkish bath is fitted with one or more outlet siphons. We recommend waterproofing the lower part with a membrane to a height of 40 cm.

What interior fittings can I have in my Turkish bath?

The interior fittings include bench seats in resin, treated wood or Plexiglass (the seat must be about 45 cm above the floor) or brickwork seating can be built, in which case a small channel must be fitted behind the seat to collect and drain the condensate that forms on the walls.

Where can I install a sauna?

There is not generally one fixed place.The various Effe product lines adapt to any environment and complement any interior design.
A sauna can be installed in the bathroom, the living room or a “fitness room” set aside in your home. For maximum convenience in use, we recommend having a shower or bathtub near at hand.

Where does the steam come out? Can I use aromatic essences?

The diffuser, with its holes pointing downward, is placed some 20 cm from the floor and it can be teamed with a bowl into which you can pour the essence of your choice to create a delightful fragrant environment inside the cubicle.

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 I have read the Privacy Policy and would like to receive information from Effe