On a number of occasions we have listed the health benefits that steam can bestow and its toning, relaxing properties are delivered to perfection by the Turkish bath, whose origins go back centuries. A Turkish bath helps improve the tone, softness and elasticity of the skin and it is a key ally in the battle against stress, creating an all round sense of relaxation and physical and mental wellbeing.

Tradition combined with a constant quest for innovation has been the guiding principle for Effegibi over the years, supporting our efforts to bring the Turkish bath into the domestic environment, producing a range of options suited to the most diverse needs and the demand for tailor-made solutions. All the work that has gone into the wide range of Effegibi designed saunas with variations to suit every taste is reflected in the equally wide range of ideas and solutions for personalising your Turkish bath, enabling it to blend in perfectly with the home environment.

This vast range of options translates into a choice of doors, glass panels  and fittings for a Turkish bath that is capable of creating an oasis of harmony and wellbeing in your very own home.

If your interior design preference is for the minimalist style, the clean lines of the Cubik door combined with the Linea Steel seating and spring turn your Turkish bath into a space defined by its elegant simplicity.

In addition to catering for different aesthetic tastes, Effegibi offers Turkish bath benches and springs able to adapt to spaces of any dimension. For small spaces the Linea Mini provides every comfort, and similarly, the extreme flexibility of the Spaziodue doors, the work of Talocci Design, can be supplied to fit a range of different sizes and models, to make assembly simplicity itself.

As well providing solutions of every kind for fixtures and fittings, Effegibi ventures boldly into the world of Turkish bath accessories to guarantee the deepest possible relaxing experience with specially designed ceiling lighting and aromatic essences of eucalyptus, mint and Norway spruce.