Guarantees and services

Highly qualified technicians, a fast response, fewer breakdowns in relation to the total number of problems.

Effegibi’s long experience in the design and manufacture of saunas and Turkish baths is also reflected in the quality of our after-sales service.

Choosing Effe means being always in the care of a company that means business, so you are never without your little haven of relaxation!

A speedy response whenever any problems or faults arise.

Effegibi guarantees to respond within 24 hours to customers reporting any problems to us because, in after-sales service too, our priority as a company is customer satisfaction.

Most problems can be solved by telephone.

Our highly-skilled workforce and the superior quality of all Effe products means almost all assistance can be delivered by telephone.

Often all that is needed to solve a problem is a guided reading of the intuitive control panel fitted to all our products and specially designed to display any faults clearly.

Our specialist help centres located all over Italy and overseas deliver total reliability.

At Effe we personally select all our maintenance technicians, working in Italy and elsewhere, who are trained and updated directly by the company in order to ensure they are kept fully informed about our latest innovations. This is because only reliable specialist technicians are allowed to work on Effe products, keeping them safe in expert hands and guaranteeing them a long life.


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Effegibi Saunas and Hammams
are designed by
internationally renowned designers

Effegibi performs high quality checks
for aesthetics and functionality
to each item

Every Effe products
can be tailored and designed
to create your
perfect wellness space