The steam in the turkish bath

It is vital to understand the technology that generates the steam, the key feature of the Turkish bath, since the steam must maintain its quality and hygiene over time.

Effegibi places great importance on research and experience and this guarantees the quality of the 3 basic elements of the perfect Hammam:

1) Generating the right amount of steam and maintaining the right temperature

2) Controlling limescale

3) Controlling energy consumption


You have the perfect Turkish bath when the steam temperature is able to top 40 °C.

This temperature is essential and a number of factors contribute to achieving this.

First and foremost is the steam volume output of the generator, measured as Kg/h, a requirement that Effe generators meet to perfection.

The volume of steam generated combined with effective insulation ensure the optimum performance of your Turkish bath.

All Effe generators make it possible to program the temperature on a scale of 42 to 48 degrees, and the smart steam management system, the product of many years’ research, keeps the steam at an even temperature inside the Turkish bath.


Lime scale is formed whenever steam is generated. Lime scale is an enemy that can reduce the efficiency of any domestic appliance and threaten its longevity. Effe’s exclusive technology, the only one of its kind in the world, does away with the need for mechanical filters in the generator and frequent maintenance.

The boiler, made entirely of stainless steel, contains the water and uses a smart system in which the boiler is filled and emptied with cold water and cleaned and rinsed after every use. When the Turkish bath session is finished and the off-button pressed, all Effe generators automatically run an operation known as Automatic Clean, that slows down and drastically reduces the formation and build-up of lime scale.

Maintenance is cut to the minimum and the need for intervention can be considered so rare, within the normal domestic context, as to be tantamount to zero.

In the rare event that lime scale build-up threatens the efficient operation of the generator a back-lit icon gives you advance warning. The boiler can then be cleaned, using special products, by our technical assistance team who operate the world over.

After this, your steel boiler will be as good as new and you will be able to enjoy your Hammam for many more years with a total guarantee of efficiency and hygiene. If a generator is in use in a public space for entire days without interruption, the water in the boiler is automatically replaced to ensure hygiene and longevity and as soon as it is switched off, the cleaning operation starts up.

All this is made possible by the electronic management system fitted to all Effe generators, so all you need to worry about is relaxing and enjoying the tonic delivered by the Turkish bath’s beneficial properties.


Each and every Effe steam generator is equipped, as standard, with an Energy Saver function. This means that the maximum power of the generator is used to bring the water to the boil and to reach the set temperature.

Once up and running, power consumption is reduced to a half, or one third, depending on the model in use, to guarantee constant steam production without the peaks associated with an element that keeps switching on and off.

The result is better control of peak energy consumption and a constant jet of steam.

This function, which is exclusive to Effe generators, is managed automatically by the system and all you have to do is switch on, set the temperature you want and then turn the system off when you have finished your relaxing session.

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