Useful advice for sauna and hammam

How to build your hammam

To ensure your Hammam functions at maximum efficiency, we recommend fitting a completely watertight door to avoid heat loss. Your Turkish bath is guaranteed perfect insulation with this special kit.

The ideal height

We recommend that the Turkish Bath height does not exceed 210/230 cm. A greater height is not actually used and, because steam and heat tend to rise, it wastes energy.

A sloping or vaulted ceiling

We recommend an average slope of 10%, so as to  avoid the “raining” effect as the steam condenses.

The choice of sauna wood

Wood to be used in a sauna must have specific properties of heat absorption and resistance to stress caused by temperature fluctuations. From Canadian hemlock to the traditional Swedish pine, over ten different types of wood, always of top quality, are selected by Effe and subjected to rigorous quality control to ensure the highest possible quality standard.

The sauna and the natural materials

A sauna is subjected to massive thermal stress with an interior temperature that can reach 100°C. This is why the materials it is made of are a determining factor in its quality. Plastic components are never used in Effe saunas because at high temperatures they can emit noxious substances. In contrast, natural wood guarantees a healthy environment, is pleasant to the touch and is not altered over time.

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